Monday, September 11, 2006
There are some times in life when you wonder what you have done already and what it has caused. You tend to conduct an introspection into your actions, behavior and deeds. And it is then that a sense of cleansing comes into you.
It funny. I used to think that doing good deeds, helping out others, reaching out to people would earn me mileage. That it would earn me good reputation. But then I was wrong. I was wrong all the way. The world and the people in it do not remember what good you do to them. They start taking you for granted. And it is then that it hurts. It hurts you emotionally. It hurts you when you have to face embarassment for something you have not done just because they "expected" you to do it. And the worst part of it is to have to apologize. Apologize not because you were wrong. But apologize because you don't want to make enemies out of your supposed "friends".
The only thing that these materialistic people remember is your "achievements". They would never want to be a friend, or rather, be known as a friend of an under-achiever. That would not give them a good image in society and they don't want to be embarassed to call you a friend in public. Its as if you need to prove yourself to them all the time that you deserve to be their friend. But hey, thats not right. The only person(s) you need to prove yourself to is "YOU". Isn't that awkward? You would never to think it in that way. But it is true for sure. Because if you don't do that, you will be killing your own conscience. And without that, you are as hollow as a pipe.
So friends think about this sometime. Maybe this can help many of you to improve your lives...


Soumik Ghose said...

Seriously some serious stuff!!!!
Great budding minds getting serious is a great sign for the future of India!!! Keep it up!!!!

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