Saturday, October 14, 2006

A lazy blog of life!

This last week at Rich has been like a dull time. Not much classes (who wants to attend them anyway even if they are going on) and certainly not much of fun. Most of the days are going on just lazily in my campus.
With no internet access (The bloody Sify providers have not been able to fix the disconnected cable even after a week) my computer is getting much needed rest in the night. I am desperately trying to finish up watching my entire DVD movie collection (which incidently has over 150 movies). But over the last 2 days, I have really liked to watch the old episodes of FRIENDS. Cool people and certainly a cool show.
Besides that, 2 of my buddies on our LAN have been playing 'Need For Speed Most Wanted'. We managed to finish up 6 blacklists in 3 days (I know thats not a big deal and there are better gamers than us. But we like to go at our pace). One of them is at Blacklist 4 and I gotta tell you, its getting bloody difficult to just keep the car on track. There's one thing that really catches the eye in the game and thats the Motion Blur. This comes on when we put on the nitro boost and honestly, its damn sexy. I have been an NFS fan since 9th standard when I used to play 'Need For Speed 2 Special Edition' with the FZR as the best car and Monolithic Studios as the best track. And I have to admit, I've been an admirer since then. I certainly look forward to NFS Carbon which releases shortly.
By next week, I shall be in jamshedpur and hopefully enjoying with my friends. We have been planning a booze party (oops...sorry.... Placement treat, whatever the name is. How does it matter? What matters is whats on store). And since I haven's touched alcohol for like 2 months (more because of my low bank balance than the urge. The urge is always there. And over the last couple of days it has certainly got bigger.), I am certainly looking forward to that. Just need to finalize the place and the buddies who would attend.
Also next week is the annual "Diwali Nite'. This is the official party of my dad's company for diwali. Its more like a moonh dikhai for me. Coz all the uncles and aunts ask me is like Kaise ho, Beta?; College me padhai kaisi chal rahi hai?; Job kahan mila?; Posting kahan hai? and stuff. It is only on the insistence of my mate, Prinshu that I go to this place. We end up having a good time together.
So I certainly look forward to this oppurtunity (To have booze, of course). Hope you guys have fun too over diwali. Bbye.......


Debanshu Roy said...

kya baat hai roni bhai...isi tarah likhta rah toh ek din u can also publish a book "nine point someone"

Rik Chakraborty said...

shaora tu etna bol raha hai.............lekin tera CAT ke preparation ke bare me to bol.Just kidding have a gr8 diwali!!!!

Arjun said...

Hey thats some mixture of Page3 angrezi n Pathbreaking one!!!
Too good man. Good sense of humour n a way of expression matching any bigshot lifestyle magazine

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