Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Final days at BESUS

Its the month of June and my life at BESUS is coming to an end. A roller coaster ride really but nonetheless a lot satisfying. Its this mood of joy, sorrow, belonging etc that is set upon all of us of the 2007 batch.
The past few weeks have been mostly spent on planning out all the farewell parties, joining dates, shifting etc rather than on the final exams. Anyways, who cares about the exams now. We all know that we shall all pass (Just kidding! Kuch to likhna hi padega baap, warna marks kahan se aayenge).
One such farewell was the Department Farewell organized by the 2nd years for us. It was awesome. Instead of the typical ragging wherein all that was asked was who flirted with whom or who had a fling etc, we had songs, ball dances, dances with accidents etc. Good fun. Also we had some innovative ideas like a video on final year students, video messages by the final years, Ulti Jalzeera TV News and Quiz on BESUS. Hats off to the 2nd years for organizing such a wonderful farewell. We shall all remember it for the rest of our lives.

The plans for the other farewells are on. Rich Farewell shall take place after the final exam. So lots of fun to be had before I catch the 30th June flight to Bangalore which would signal the end of life as a student and the start of a new phase.
It sounds incredible that the four years have come to an end so fast. I can still feel the tension of my 1st day way back on 4th August, 2003 when I came here with my dad. The threat of the famous Shibpur ragging looming large upon me. Life goes fast and so have the 4 years out here. There have been so many wonderful moments in BESUS. 1st year welcome, REBECA (all 4 years), Life at Richardson, Campus placements etc. There is so much to take from all this.
Oh-my-god! Its getting way too emotional. Lets leave that crap out for the fairer sex. Suits them more. As for me, I just wanna enjoy this last month of unemployment. Here's to the next step of our lives!


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