Monday, October 03, 2011

Eurotrip - Part III - Berlin, Germany

Ever seen a ballerina dancing outside a store (rather on the outside wall) showing off the designs? Well, Berlin has it all. Awesome concept!!

An Indian dance performance at a Bengali gathering in Germany! Awesome stuff... Although I must admit it wasn't the best of the performances I had been to but the sheer delight of seeing one in Europe surpassed every other emotion... Good performance nonetheless (the lady sure was sweating)..

Taken at the bridge when you are about to enter the museum island, this photograph shows Payal di posing in front of one of the oldest monuments in Germany, house to some 19th century sculptures.

Taken at the museum island, this picture shows Mirchi in front of the Berliner Dom... The island makes for a true visual treat... No wonder we were clicking pics and my sister got bored.

Taken at the East Side Gallery, this place is like a palette where artists (or some random crazy people) have just come and painted some graffiti... Somehow the ideas clicked and it became a tourist spot... Fascinating, isn't it?

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