Monday, November 28, 2011

Eurotrip - Part VII - Abisko, Sweden

Which way to take???
Shot at the way to Tornetrask, the path divides into two and only one took towards the lake... We really were unsure which one to take...

Shot at Tornetrask, this photograph captures the absolute beauty of the place...

Along the King's trail, this was one of the spots where you actually feel you are over the river flowing below... A beautiful spot for photographers!

Shot at Abisko National Park...

Hiking in the snowy King's trail... Walking in the wilderness...

No words to explain this...
Monday, November 14, 2011

Eurotrip - Part VI - Paris, France

Taken at the 1st floor of the Denon section of the Louvre, this photograph shows a lady admiring some spanish paintings. A beauty admiring another beauty?

Taken at the Sulley section during the Masterpieces tour, this photograph shows one of the sculptures on display - The Venus De Milo. The background makes for a wonderful contrast. :)

Taken from inside the Denon section of the Louvre Museum, this photograph captures the entrance and one facade of the museum beautifully! :)

Taken at the entrance of the Versailles palace, this photograph shows TK sporting his "Universitie Paris" sweatshirt with the statue of King Louis XIV in the background. A king in the making??

Simply beautiful... I don't need to tell you where I am! :)

Taken from the spot that best captures the beauty of the Eiffel tower!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Eurotrip - Part V - Switzerland

Shot at Montreux, this photograph shows Mirchi onlooking Lake Geneve. The falling evening sun's glows on him makes for an amazing scene.

The Swiss alps from atop Mt. Pilatus

A totally fortunate incident, we got the chance to attend a laser show on the history of Switzerland at the Parliament in Bern. One of the best I had seen, this photograph captures one era depicted during the show.

Basel city in the night!

P.S. I just love the night life of Europe!!

Taken at Interlaken West during the 2-hour hiking we did from Thun to the station, this photograph shows a poster in front of a stable. The tagline was catchy!

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