Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back Home!

Finally.... After 2 months of constant mental pressure and sweating it out at Rich (Not literally, cos its quite cold for sweating), I have got back to my 'Home Sweet Home' for a much needed break.
The last week has been really harrowing. Life sucked big time cos we had to stay up in Rich to work on our project and its presentation when all the other department students went back after the sems. The mess was closed. So had to eat out. And that is plain AWFUL(Thats cos there's no comparison between the food at Rich and the food at Shyam Da)!
The presentations went off pretty well. The first day was for the project presentation. For that we had worked our socks off! We went to sleep at 4:30 am one night after finishing the work. And since I was the one o start, it was a bit chilling! But it went off well. The next day was cazz.
Now back home in Jamshedpur, I plan to chill out with my old mates. Am looking forward to a fun filled week. Hope you all have a rocking new year! Bbye!


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