Friday, January 26, 2007

New year's first blog

Its been about a month since I have updated my blog. And I seriously feel you folks have been missing me (just kidding, I know you haven't. Who cares!). Well a lot has happened since I lasted posted. The year has changed!! (Poor joke, I know) But still, its been quite a time.
We friends have had a lot of parties, mostly for the various placements of the group. And without doubt, they have been a lot of fun.
On 19th, we friends went for a trip to some of the suburbs of Kolkata. The places we visited were Chandannagore, Bandel and Chunchurah. We had a great time together and the photos have come out fine quite accurately describing the joy experienced there.
For the past few days, classes in the department have been low and its only IMS that has kept me busy on the academic front. Most of the time has gone to watching movies, downloading them and perhaps.. sleeping.
I don't think anyone has any more patience to read any further. So I better call it a day here. See ya around.


sadikbhimani said...

nice blog u have here buddy... :)

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