Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why the hell doesn't it run ?

Its been 2 days and about 9 hours but I still haven't been able to get this damn application to work on my system. Every time I compile and execute it it gives me this same *ing 404 error.
Actually the Technological Lead (TL) of our project gave us the introduction to the technological stack yesterday in our first technical ramp up meeting. So we 8 freshers in the team got to hear some cool but till now unknown terms like Struts 2, Spring, iLog etc. Now all these sound very hi-fi but unfortunately, we got to learn them all. So the TL gave us a simple task. To create a sort of a form using Struts 2 framework. And we are to know the framework and all about it too.
So from last evening we set about "Learning Struts 2". First, we checked out our most faithful pal in this area - Google. Got some links and started reading. Its then that we got the first shock. Most of the stuff was obviously going tangential. I stayed up till 8:15 in the night but to no avail. So I took some pdfs and printouts to read at home.
But as u all know, when at home who wants to study. As usual, I spent the time sleeping. No studies. So from today morning, we team members have been racking our brains to get something working but success has lured us till now. The TL had said that he would make us wait till 9 in the night but would make sure that each one of us executed that bit of code on his/her own machines. Lets hope we manage to do that before the timeline set.
Hey, I think I have wasted a lot of time writing this post and I better get done to cracking some code or else I may have to stay up for the night. :-)


shaaaaaaam said...

Pity,pity...looks like u've a lot of RUNNING to do....& to add to that, I hereby tag u 2 tell us 6 weird, & preferably dark things about u...ofcourse, u can stay up till whatever time u want..!!

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