Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some of my best clicks of the past month - Part 2

This picture is taken at Coorg on the way to Abby falls. It was evening time and the skies were kind to me to provide for such an amazing scene. In fact, the entire area of Madikeri was witness to such heavenly scenes throughout.
The essence of the picture has come out so well that you would feel its a professional one (although I won't mind hearing it. :))

This hilarious picture is taken at the Nagarhole National Park. We were hugely disappointed when we got to know that the safari was not available that day because of the immense rain the previous night. Anyways this poor creature provided for enough entertainment as we satisfied our hunger of clicking pics with 'wild animals' with pics round these. :)

This picture is the result of a comedy incident during Monica and my birthday treat this year at Silver Metro, Total Mall, Bangalore. Apparently Mandar had 'reserved' his seat as he went about filling his plate for the next round during the buffet lunch. But Ankita 'madam' took over his place. So when she went for a refill, Mandar came round and left this note. Nonetheless, when Mandar went for his refill, Ankita stole his new place too to replace this note with 'I Have Taken This'. :)

This amazingly beautiful picture is taken at Somanathpur Temple during the journey to Mysore for Sunil's Marriage. The serenity and calmness of the temple made for a perfect moment. Taken in Black & White, the slight light gives the pillars a soul which in general they lack due to the lack of activity at the temple.

This picture is taken at Talakad, on of the tourist spots on the way to Mysore from Bangalore. The temples ther are submerged in sand and thus are referred to as classic. Taken again in Black & White, the presence of my friends gives a feeling of exploring India's classic monuments and observing the beautiful constructions of yesteryears.


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