Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Some of my best clicks of the past month - Part 3

Taken at the F block of IIM Bangalore hostels, this is the sign that the particular block is that side. This section has yellow tubelights for some reason giving it a kinda burning feeling. Also the sign of F (the dreaded grade for MBAs) makes it seem like some burning Hell.

Taken from inside the bus while on the way to Mysore, this particular picture has Smiti soaking up wonderful summer sun. We were on the way to the beautiful city to attend our beloved classmate Sunil's marriage. In the picture, I kinda liked the way the light played with her shades and face. A totally opportunist picture!
Shot after another spell of rains in IIM Bangalore, this picture is from the PGP block towards an eatery called Amrutha Kalash. One of the more green sections of this beautiful campus, this pathway has an amazing classic feel to it which I loved.

Shot at the amazingly beautiful Amphitheater of IIM Bangalore (where they manage to conduct their convocation which I am yet to understand how given the space constraints!), this picture has Sonam relaxing beside one of the section of flowers after some rains there. To my credit, I really had to convince her to smile well for the picture. Think I did a good job! :)

Taken after yeah yeah, the same rains of IIM Bangalore, this picture shows some beautiful fruits at H block. The rain drops kind of cleaned the surface of theirs and gave them a juicy feeling. The depth that this picture showcases gives the picture a truly wonderful touch. Loved it!


Varun Rajaram said...

Did you notice a spider web in the last pic! That struck a chord more than everything else! :)

Abhishek Saha said...

To be fair, I hadn't noticed it that time. But a nice catch anyways! :D

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